Quebec Metro High Tech Park

Quebec, Quebec
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Quebec Metro High Tech Park

Where talent and innovation meet quality of life.

As a force behind the region’s thriving economy, the Quebec Metro High Tech Park has developed an expertise catering to high-tech businesses. From the land developer it began as in 1988, it has become increasingly geared towards providing innovative services for its clients.

Whether you are a company or research center looking to get established in a business community of like-minded, high-tech organizations, or an individual seeking exciting career opportunities, the High Tech Park provides interesting opportunities for each and everyone.

Nowadays, the High Tech Park’s team is focused on bringing ever-expanding, customized services to the companies located on its territory. Online, as well as offline, we make it a highly-attractive and unparalleled place to do business and work. It’s where talent and innovation truly meet quality of life.

Park Information

  • Number of Companies
  • Total Square Feet
    15 Million
  • Number of Buildings
  • Land Currently Available
    34 Acres
  • Affiliated Universities
    Université Laval & INRS
  • Year Established
  • Number of Employees
  • Technology Sector Focus
    Health & Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing, ICT