Smartpark Research & Technology Park

Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Smartpark Research & Technology Park

Building a community of innovators at the doorstep of the University of Manitoba.

Smartpark is a world-class research and technology hub adjacent to Manitoba’s only research-intensive university. Here, you’ll find a community of university professors, industry professionals and high-tech entrepreneurs who believe in ideas and innovation. Smartpark grows university-industry partnerships, creates high-tech clusters that attract like-minded companies to Manitoba, and creates an energy that keeps bright minds in our province. 

Smartpark’s incubator – North Forge Technology Exchange –provides mentorship, training and support services to accelerate innovation and commercialization for entrepreneurs across Manitoba.

  • Incubation Centre – advancing the growth of early-stage technology companies from pre-prototype and through commercialization and launch.
  • Facilitation of university-industry research collaborations and innovation.

Park Information

  • Number of Companies
  • Total Square Feet
  • Number of Buildings
  • Land Currently Available
    15 sites
  • Affiliated Universities
    University of Manitoba
  • Year Established
  • Number of Employees
  • Technology Sector Focus
    ICT, Advanced Materials, Health and Biotechnology, agri-tech