Edmonton Research Park to house new R&D pilot plant for renewable diesel and jet fuel

July 11, 2015

By: Mark Woollven/630 CHED
July 11, 2015

The Edmonton Research park will soon be home to a new R&D pilot plant that manufactures both drop-in renewable diesel and jet fuel.

Using a proprietary ‘continuous green catalyst’ process, this test facility converts vegetable oils, animal fats, lipids, and forestry waste products into fuels that can be dropped into a tank alongside standard diesel or jet fuel.

Inder Singh is SBI BioEnergy’s founder and CEO and he says that his process doesn’t require hydrofaction and is carbon-negative.

“This fuel has a negative carbon intensity.  That means, when it is used to replace petroleum fuel it will actually take more carbon from the atmosphere than it will produce.”

The ground has been broken on the SBI pilot plant.

“This facility is a R&D and demonstration plant for producing renewable diesel and renewable jet fuel from vegetable oils, animal fat and forestry waste which is called ‘tar oil’.”

This kind of plant also gives canola growers a new market for off-grade canola.

Singh explains the long term purpose.

“This replaces fossil fuels and also helps us meet Renewable Fuels Standards in Canada.  To meet that means that each refinery must add renewable content into fossil fuels.”

Singh adds that Canada has a 2% RFI (Renewable Fuels Initiative) mandate, and that currently most refineries are importing their renewable fuel components.

This new plant should be in operation in 2016 and can produce up to 10 million litres of biofuel a year.  Singh adds that he hopes to build a biofuels refinery in Alberta capable of producing up to 240 million liters annually.

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Source: 630 CHED