Federal funding to support career opportunities for women in ICT

February 04, 2014

Peter MacKay says federal funding for a Nova Scotia technology company will help advance women in a sector where they are under represented.

“Our government is dedicated to Canada’s economic growth and focused on helping more women succeed all across Canada, including right here in Nova Scotia. The more we break down barriers and support women in pursuing a wide variety of career options, the stronger Canada will be,” stated MacKay in a statement.

The Nova Scotia politician and federal Justice Minister says the $300,000 for Digital Nova Scotia will help recruit and retain women for senior level positions in the digital field.

“We are proud to partner with the Government of Canada to help more women leaders in Nova Scotia participate in and lead our digital economy. We believe that fostering best practices in strategic [Human Resources] management and promoting successful women leaders will have a significant impact on our sector. Not only will this initiative create new career opportunities for women, it will fuel our entire workforce as we strive to be globally competitive,” said Ulrike Bahr-Gedalia, president and CEO of Digital Nova Scotia in a statement.​

The company is reaching out to technology companies to encourage them to adopt best practices that include women in senior management roles.

Source: CBC News