New products and equipment certified at Edmonton Research Park

June 26, 2015

By: Joel Lefevre/630 CHED

There’s a lab in the research park in south Edmonton where they make things explode.   For good reason.  It’s the Canadian Standards Association making sure new products and equipment can be certified.

“The lab specializes in testing and certification services for hazardous locations,” the CSA’ s Robert Falconi said at an announcement.   “Such as equipment that’s used in the oil, gas, mining, marine, pipelines and fertilizer facilities.”

“Testing and certification of this specialized equipment plays a very important role in helping to keep workers and Canadians safe,” he said.

The key is the work that’s done in hazardous locations and since this is the only lab of it’s kind in Canada run by the CSA they’re expanding in size to test more new equipment.

“It’s very important for some of our products that are developed in the area around refining, and natural resource management to make sure they are safe,” said Western Diversificaton minister Michelle Rempel. “If we can have that testing done here with the best and newest equipment in an expanded that means small and medium sized enterprise in Alberta can continue to grow.”

The feds contributed more than $1 million in the expansion efforts.

Foreign companies that want to invest in Alberta can also use this explosion lab to test their equipment so they can be certified to work here.  

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Source: 630 CHED