Servier Canada: An investment of $16.3 million in the life sciences industry…

September 10, 2013

Laval, September 9, 2013 – LAVAL TECHNOPOLE is pleased to announce the creation of a centre of excellence in clinical research, to be set up in the Biotech City. Since 1994, the operations of Servier Canada, the Canadian subsidiary of the Servier Research Group, France’s second-largest pharmaceutical company, have been conducted within this dynamic business hub. A world leader in the development of ethical pharmaceuticals, the company has experienced significant growth during the past five years. This should continue throughout the next decade with the development of innovative medications for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, as well as the expansion of its product line into new fields, such as therapeutics for depression and mild cognitive impairment.

It is within this context of growth that Servier Canada has just made known, in the presence of Québec Minister of Finance Nicolas Marceau, that it has begun construction at its location in Laval on a complex that will be devoted to clinical research on cardiovascular diseases, cancer and neuropsychiatry. To measure 30,000 square feet in area, the centre of excellence will involve an investment of $16.3 million. Quebec’s Ministère des Finances et de l’Économie confirmed that it will award $1 million in non-repayable funding for the realization of this project, which is sure to benefit the province as a whole.

“When we set up our headquarters in Laval in 1994, Servier Canada was one of the first companies to choose to locate in the Biotech City’s science and advanced technology park. When we open our new centre of excellence in clinical research in 2014, we will be contributing to the development of the life sciences in both Laval and Quebec,” remarks Frédéric Fasano, Chief Executive Officer of Servier Canada.

LAVAL TECHNOPOLE provided concerted support for the project, which is located in an area known for being one of the main centres of innovation in North America. The success of Servier Canada, whose business model is centred on innovation, should help boost the attractiveness of Greater Montreal and Quebec among global leaders in life sciences and healthcare technologies, and thus foster the development of a strategic—and defining—sector for the region.

The Biotech City is home to a university (INRS), research laboratories, a business incubator, and major biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies. “Servier Canada is part of a dynamic business centre that, within a four-kilometre radius, combines basic research, clinical trials, manufacturing and marketing,” explains Pierre Desroches, President and Executive Director of LAVAL TECHNOPOLE and the Biotech City. The Greater Montreal area’s life sciences and healthcare technologies cluster comprises close to 620 organizations, including more than 150 research centres and 80 subsidiaries of world-class companies. Moreover, the sector employs over 40,000 people.

LAVAL TECHNOPOLE is delighted to have this new complex in the City of Laval, not only because some 40 employees will be hired in the coming months, but particularly because it will help enhance the city’s position as a leading centre for life sciences and healthcare technologies in Quebec.

Source: Laval Technopole

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